Friday, December 28, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Some days I wonder how I have time to fit a 40 hour work week in my schedule. These couple weeks that I have off work are packed pretty full.
Yesterday, I drove my friend down-state and we did some shopping at a great wholesale store. During the evening we went to her nieces to help with a quick? project. Well let's just say that we left about 9:30 and they were just getting the cute little project put together, but they were going to have to do that another 119 times! They are very cute, a little fabric doll with thread-hair, button head and thin corded arms and legs. They are for our Scrapbooking event in January. Good thing we got an early start.
Today, we traveled on down to Detroit to go to Harper Medical Center so my girlfriend could get an MRI. Her neurologist is at the Detroit Medical Center and so it is best to have those tests there. I was able to work on some cute "flower-pens" for our crop and finished almost half of them!
Drove home heading into a bit of winter. Yes SNOW! There is a warming for parts of the state, we are suppose to get a few inches, 2-4-6-8", depends on which weather report you hear. Sounds like perfect weather for crafting to me! So I guess I will do just that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let's Go Shopping!

NOT! This day runs a close second for me, as one that I would NOT like to shop. Right behind "black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving. I would love to get in on some of those great deals, but not that bad. I can wait and if there is something out there I really must have, it will still be there in a couple days and maybe at a lower % that today!
So sorry for those of you who had to return to work today. I am still in my Jammie's and sipping on my coffee. But I have been slowly working of my craft studio. It was such a huge disaster. I am trying once again to get it sorted, cleaned and organized. If I only had a little more space. I would definitely fill it with more stuff. My goal it to get ahead on some of my Stampin' Up projects and classes that I have coming up. Next week is the "New Year Open House" with the new catalog! I have a fun project to share with the ladies for that day. Then in February I am attending a local crop and will need a project for that day. I also hope to get some card kits ready to sell. I also need to go into the office this week and catch up on paper-work and reports, yuk!
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and that our Lord remains in your heart throughout the new year. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope all are having a blessed Christmas Day!

Enjoy your family, friends, and freedom.

God Bless You All!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

It' The Holiday Season and.....

...the calendar is filling, the shopping has begun, the lists are growing.
Awoke to a blanket of wet, sticky snow this morning. Managed to make it to church, a bit late, but I did make it. Very few in attendance, I am sure because of the weather. But I was able to get the "wish lists" for families we will be "Gifting" this year.
Headed out to do a little shopping, and ended up going to Big Lots, a great place for bargains. Headed to a dollar store, but was deterred by the Michael's on my way. Quick stop there and picked up a couple items. The dollar store had exactly what I needed for our "shut-in" baskets, warm fuzzy slipper socks. After leaving the dollar store, I drove to my most favorite grocery store in the area, V.G.'s. Needed only a couple items but of course filled a small cart. I stopped to drop off my friend and realized she needed her shot (she has Multiple Sclerosis and I give her her shots every other day). So we did the shot thing and ate some lunch. I finally made it home around 3:30 pm. I left home at 9 am for church!
Sad thing happened this morning. My son called to tell me that their new puppy, died this morning. It was so sad. My poor son was sooooo upset. The puppy was only a few weeks old. He had gone outside last night. When they went to let him in the house, he had blood coming out of his mouth. Immediately he was taken to the after-hours emergency clinic. Apparently the puppy had bruised lungs? I never heard of such a thing. But the little guy died this morning. The really sad thing is that they just had a dog put to sleep in October, who had some rare kidney disease. They had gone and bought this puppy the day they had the first one put to sleep. I feel so bad for both of them. They do still have another dog, but my heart just breaks for them.

Brighter topic: I unpacked some of my Christmas Decorations. Opened up the attic to get out some of the decorations and just sat there looking at all the totes and boxes. So many to go through. What theme do I use this year on my small skinny tree? I don't do the big fancy trees anymore. Not enough energy. I should hire someone to come in and decorate, I love all the festive seasonal stuff setting out, but I don't have the energy any more to do it all. Well, the snowman box was closest, and I already had a snowman-sleigh setting in the living room. So Snowman theme it is this year. I did get out a few things for my office at work.
Finished addressing most of my Christmas Cards. I am shocking all my family and friends this year and actually sending out cards. Realized that I do sell the product to make cards I should send some out! Creating them and making them are so therapeutic for me.

So my dd has put out a challenge to post on her blog every day the month of December. Gosh I have a hard time posting each MONTH! But I just may try this challenge.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blessing to All!

What a nice day and such wonderful Blessings. We are truly lucky to live in such a great country. It is so great to know that we have the freedom to celebrate and be thankful for all that we have.
Today we woke to a great blanket of fresh white snow. Looked like Christmas, but was a pleasant surprise for Thanksgiving morning. The first snow always brings such a big smile to my face. I don't know if it because of the beauty or the fond memories of my youth, or a combination of both. I am always in a wonder of the beauty of the fresh white snow sticking to the leaves and branches of the trees. Even my genraniums that have been surviving the colder nights looked so pretty with their pink and red color peeking out from under their white blankets.
I pray that all of you have enjoyed the blessings we are so lucky to have.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Fall

Hello one and all. I know it has been sooooooooooooo long since I have updated. Been busy working, stamping, crafting, and hockey watching. It is that time of year.

Let's see, what's been happening? I don't even know if anyone ever reads this thing. But it is a good outlet.
September of course was the beginning of another school year. I have transferred to Southwestern Academy. A much nicer facility that is MUCH closer to home. I had fun over the summer setting up and redecorating my office. It has been a pretty good beginning. There have been some adjustments to new students and staff. We are all learning and growing. And I hope to better serve the students and staff of the building.

October our family had it's first ever all-included family Thanksgiving dinner. Yes in October. It was planned to share the day with my mom who is now 88 and was getting ready leave for Florida. We had a rough couple months with her health and now she seems to be doing GREAT for 88! So we had 29 of us to spend the day with her and enjoy each other! What fun it was sharing family happenings and reminiscing of all the "remember when's!"

Now we are into November already and plans are in the works for all the holiday happenings.
Have kept busy with my Stampin Up business. I attended the annual meeting of the Michigan Chapter for Multiple Sclerosis last Saturday. We were able to hear David Landers (aka Squiggy of "Laverne and Shirley"). He also suffers from M.S. He gave each of us an audio copy of his book "Falling Down Laughing". My friend Kathy and I were presented with a plaque for the donation we gave from the Scrapbooker Against M.S. event we held this past May.

Also planning our annual event of Scrapbookers Against Breast Cancer. January 2008 will be our 6th. event. We were very successful last year in raising $5,000. Our mailing list has grown to over 200 people, but we can only take 120 participants. I need to get busy on donations. We always try to get all our food and prizes donated. This way all money raised goes directly to the Susan Koeman Breast Cancer Foundation.

Well it is definitely Fall. Most of the leaves are on the ground and waiting to get recycled into mulch. I have my garden ornaments stored for the Winter and my geraniums tucked in the fruit cellar, hoping they will come alive again next Spring. My darling oldest grandson is covering yard items and raking leaves. The end of another season and on to WINTER in MICHIGAN!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Greetings One and ALL!

WOW! It has been a long time since I posted. It has been a busy few weeks. My mom is having some medical problems and I went to Higgins Lake for a couple days over the Labor Day Week-end. Of course I am back to work, full swing! Getting used to new staff, new students, new routines! The beginning of each school year is always hectic added to the fact that I am in a different building. But I LOVE IT!
Trying to keep up with my Stampin' Up business. There are so many ideas I have for projects, classes and events, but the 24 hour day just seems to fly by! Getting ready for an "Early Bird Christmas Card Clinic" on the 15th. Plus teach "A Brag Book in one Evening" following the card clinic. Hoping to get more projects created for upcoming events/classes. National Card-Making Day is October6, and we hope to have an all-day event for that.
Hoping to catch up on my "list" of projects this week-end. Have a great one!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

TAG...I'm It?

Well, I guess I have been I am told. Not sure how or why, but I'm game for most anything (as long as it is legal). So here goes nothing...

The Rules:

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

2. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.

4. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My middle name is SUE.

S - I am a self admitting "Scrappin' / Stampin'" addict

U - I am generally "Understanding"

E - I am totally an "Eclectic" personality. I like several different styles of music, decorating, scrapbooking, shoes...

Guess that wasn't too bad. Hope I did it right! If I didn't, do the 'cyber cops' come and give me a citation or ticket or something? Anyhow....I will tag Jan, Carol and Diane

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Again!

Just returned from my Scrappin' Weekend. Had a great time with friends and family. Always relaxing but never enough time for sleep. I did get about 10-11 hours over the three days. It is so hard to give in to sleep when the creative juices are flowing! I completed 45 pages! That included 13 for a recipe swap I joined. I am up-to-date on all the camping photos / trips with my grandsons and I completed the wedding album from my son's wedding, Sept. '05. I could add some embellishments and journaling to the wedding album, but the photos are in there and it will pass for now!
Must get unpacked, start the laundry and get ready to head to northern MI, for a Stampin' Up! card class this week. Hope to post some photos later!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away?

No not really. We need this rain so bad. It was great waking up to the sound of the rain singing on the roof. It is like a lullaby to me, I snuggled under the covers and fell back to sleep.
My grandsons arrived for the day. They enjoyed some time in the pool, the rain had stopped. Then I took them for lunch. We arrived back home and it began to rain again. Now they are out enjoying a fun game of basketball in the rain! Nothing like some good clean fun! I must go find my camera so I can catch this memory.
Happy Day!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Christmas Card in August?

Yup! It's a Christmas Card, and I am pretty proud of this one! I did 'case' the idea from one I had from a swap. I added some flowers from our "Pretty's" kit that were colored with the color pencils. Just a fun card made with three different punch sizes and our beautiful designer paper from the "Winter Bright" Simply Scrappin kit. Had to add a bow, so I used my new favorite, double stitched Wild Wasabi.

Words of Wisdom

If you like to read, Maya Angelou is a MUST. Her wisdom and life experiences seem to touch all those who read her works. Must reads include I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and her current best-seller A Song Flung Up to Heaven.

Here are just a few of her wisdoms and witt!

> > > >Maya Angelou said this:

* "I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today,Life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow."
* "I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she Handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights."
* "I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents,you'll miss them when they're gone from your life."
* "I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life."
* "I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance."
* "I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back."
* "I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision."
* "I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one."
* "I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back."
* "I've learned that I still have a lot to learn."
* "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people w ill never forget how you made them feel."

When you read her wisdom, you just feel like you know her....I think it would be so great to actually be able to meet her in person, she seems like the type of person that would leave a special mark on your life, as she has with her writings.

Check out her site

Friday, August 3, 2007


A minister passing through his church
in the middle of the day,

Decided to pause by the altar
and see who had come to pray.

Just then the back door opened,
a man came down the aisle,

The minister frowned as he saw
the man hadn't shaved in a while.

His shirt was kind a shabby
and his coat was worn and frayed,

the man knelt, he bowed his head,
Then rose and walked away.

In the days that followed,
each noon time came this chap,

each time he knelt just for a moment,
A lunch pail in his lap.

Well, the minister's suspicions grew,
with robbery a main fear,

He decided to stop the man and ask him,
"What are you doing here?"

The old man said, he worked down the road.
Lunch was half an hour.

Lunchtime was his prayer time,
For finding strength and power.

"I stay only moments, see,
because the factory is so far away;

as I kneel here talking to the Lord,
This is kind a what I say:









The minister feeling foolish,
told Jim, that was fine.
He told the man he was welcome
To come and pray just anytime.

Time to go, Jim smiled, said "Thanks."
He hurried to the door.

The minister knelt at the altar,
he'd never done it before.

His cold heart melted, warmed with love,
and met with Jesus there.

As the tears flowed, in his heart,
he repeated old Jim's prayer:








Past noon one day, the minister noticed
that old Jim hadn't come.

As more days passed without Jim,
he began to worry some.

At the factory, he asked about him ,
learning he was ill.

The hospital staff was worried,
But he'd given them a thrill.

The week that Jim was with them,
Brought changes in the ward.

His smiles, a joy contagious.
Changed people, were his reward.

The head nurse couldn't understand
why Jim was so glad,

when no flowers, calls or cards came,
Not a visitor he had.

The minister stayed by his bed,
He voiced the nurse's concern:

No friends came to show they cared.
He had nowhere to turn.

Looking surprised, old Jim spoke
up and with a winsome smile;

"the nurse is wrong, she couldn't know,
that in here all the while

everyday at noon He's here,
a dear friend of mine, you see,

He sits right down, takes my hand,
Leans over and says to me:







If this blesses you, pass it on
Many people will walk in and out of your life,

but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart.

May God hold you in the palm of His hand
and Angels watch over you.

But for those of us who are already His, He not
only holds us in the palm of His hand, but has
engraved our names there, and we are continually
in His sight (Isaiah 49:16)

Please pass this page on to your friends & loved ones.
If you aren't ashamed.

Jesus said, " If you are ashamed of me," I will be ashamed
of you before my Father."

If you are not ashamed, pass this on. But only if you mean it.

Yes, I do love God. He is my source of existence and Savior.

He keeps me functioning each and everyday. Without Him, I
will be nothing. Without him, I am nothing but with Him "I can
do all things through Christ that strengthens me." Phil 4:13

This is too good not to share -

So this is me ... Just Checking In

Late Night Creations and other Ramblings

Look and see what I did! A customer has been wanting to learn the pop up card, so I designed this one last night. Used the groovy guava, river rock, blush blossom and very vanilla card stock. Stamped with same inks and the "eat cake" stamp set. I love the new double stitched ribbons!
Of course my computer skills leave a lot to be desired, so the photos are backward. But I am sure you all get the idea! I really like the new colors and have had a hard time using "eat cake" so I was pretty pleased with this creation at 2 am!
So many ideas and so little time. I have several projects I would love to get done and offer to my customers, but there just seems to be only 24 hours in a day! And I have come to realize that since I began my business venture with "Stampin' Up!", my pile of photos has grown. I do not get as much scrapbooking done as I would like. I HAVE tried to use my S.U. product so I can accomplish two things at once, scrapbook AND show product! It is just that I love the product and quality of the items that S.U. offers and I find so many great ideas (and some just pop in my head at 2 am.) that I want to do them all!
I guess I need to prioritize. I tend to get distracted so easily. Is that a trait of a creative mind? Please tell me it is! Or I am just easily distracted! Just this morning I was putting away some investment papers, the next thing I knew I had all my check stubs from the past 15 years sorting them out, pitching papers, organizing my personal papers and of course an hour flew by! But I have been wanting to get that all done this summer, so now I can cross that off my mental list!
Well, I need to head to my office at school, and try to get some organization done there. I am still purging things that were left behind by the previous manager of 18 years! Keep me in your thoughts.
Have a Great Week-end All!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hello world! What to tell. I have been busy, doing what? Gee, I don't know, yet the days seem to be full of activities and the nights are pretty short. The calendar is going by and of course I could use more time!
I do have a lot completed at my new office for the upcoming school year. Thanks to the hard work of my wonderful grandsons, we have most everything moved in. Walls painted, curtains up, file cabinets are filling up, and I am beginning to get organized. There is a lot that I can not do until after our manager meetings, pricing has to be set each year. We review new products for each school year.
Today, OGS helped to put together my new office chair, while YGS helped me put up trim on my bulletin board, sorted desk drawers and cleaned EVERYTHING he could find! After a couple hours we headed for lunch.
MICKY "D's" my choice. Then back to my house to cool off. They have enjoyed the pool this past week, with temps in upper 90's!
I must get projects ready for a workshop next Thurs., and a card class the following week. Always a struggle getting the ideas from my head to the paper.
Happy DAYS!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where Has Summer Gone?

Here it is, already heading toward the end of July. Seems like summer has just past me by! I had so many plans and ideas of 'things' I wanted to accomplish over these few weeks between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next! There are so many projects that I wanted to get done, clean out drawers, get all the 'junk' out of the basement, gut out the office and reorganize! Plus, there are all the ideas and projects for my Stampin' Up business that are not done! I do have cards designed for the next two classes, and a few ideas for an early Christmas Card Clinic, also a file of ideas for a 'punch card' class. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. I also have this problem with motivation? I do get motivated and ideas come to me but generally NOT until about this time of night! My creative juices and great ideas come to me most ALWAYS after 10 pm. Can't help it. I'm just a night owl. When the kids were little, they would go to bed, and I could stay up half the night, reading, sewing, working on projects. I know when I was little, I can remember changing my bedroom around in the middle of the night. My daddy would get sorta upset...."what the heck is she doing up there this time of night?" I know my mom heard that on several occasions! And of course in this 'era' of cyber-space, I can stay up all night surfin' the net for ideas and inspiration. And many nights I do just that. As I am tonight. See y'all later!

Monday, July 9, 2007


Being a bit creative. I am still pretty 'duh' when it comes to scanning and uploading. But I am learning. This is a 'squash book' that I created for a mini class this week. It will hold up to 28 photos. There are three papers folded and squashed between two 4-inch coasters. Then tied with gingham ribbon.

This fun card was created using some of the new stamp sets in our Stampin' Up Fall / Winter Idea Book! The white dots were made from a 1/8" hole punch.

Cased the color ideas from our Fall/winter Idea Book, sage shadow, chocolate chip, very vanilla, creamy caramel and realy new wheel in a hostess set. Used a clear button on top of the star.

Today I caught up on my "page-a-day" album. I will try to post some of the pages.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

There's No Place Like Home.....I have been on the road for almost a month. Oh, I was home a couple days here and there, but it IS good to be home again for a while. I spent a few days camping with my grandson's in June, then took my mom for a "Girls Only" trip for a few days. We traveled to the west side of the state to Grand Rapids. My dd was in the area while her son's attended Hockey Camp. We spent one day at the Fred Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Oh, what a beautiful place. It was so nice, and very relaxing. We road a tram and enjoyed a great tour of the many sculptures throughout the gardens. There is a children's garden that was fun AND educational. The many flowers and plants were just amazing. The next day we stepped back a couple decades while visiting the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum. Of course Mom and I lived it and remember so much of the events leading up to his becoming president. My dd was only a couple years old at the time.
I was home two nights then off for a week-end of scrapbooking with some great friends. It has become a tradition to stay at the same retreat each year around my birthday. One friend has a son who is a chef. He always comes and does all our cooking. How cool is That? Of course the food is great....and soooooo much of it. I think I gained 10 pounds is three days! I finally returned home this evening. After unloading all my 'stuff', starting some laundry and going through the mail....I am ready to call it a day! It will be nice to sleep in a bit and have a quiet day tomorrow.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Simple Joys

It doesn't take much to make a Nana happy. A sunset, a sunrise, flowers in a garden, the new Stampin' Up Fall / Winter collection! Yahoo! They are here! (for those who don't know, it is a catalog chuck full of great stamping and scrapbooking supplies!) I have been waiting for my new caty's to be delivered. They arrived sometime late Wed., I did not see them on the porch. Found them on Thurs. am. Oh, Happy Day's! It is so beautiful. So I have been busy dreaming of all the wonderful things I want to get. It is amazing how a simple catalog can inspire such ideas! Well, I can't really call it simple, because it is far from that. Almost 200 pages of wonderful projects to copy! But I will have to wait until Sunday to place an order! In the meantime I will anguish over what to order or in reality, what I can AFFORD to order!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sad Ending

Do you ever have one of those day's that seem to be moving along as usual, thinking you are accomplishing so much, feeling pretty good about the day's events and in a split second.....something happens to change all that? That was my day today. I went with a friend to her Dr. appointment, created some very cute cards for my upcoming Stampin' Up! open house, did a little gardening. All was fine. Then I stopped over to my friends to show her this cute project I just completed. As I was headed home (only 8-10 blocks), I was driving along through the subdivision and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye a tiny kitten comes running into the road. I swerved and quickly looked in my mirror, and there she laid struggling to get up! She was so tiny, I never heard her hit the tire or feel the impact. I backed up and took one look and pretty much lost it! I went to one house and knocked and no one answered. I noticed at the house next door there were cats on the porch. So I went and knocked. I asked the lady if she had any kittens. She told me there were strays, that she fed. When I told her what happened I really started to cry. I felt so bad for the poor little thing. She assured me that it wasn't my fault, the kitten was blind...well that did not really make me feel any better, but the nice lady said that she and her husband would take care of it. I apologized and cried my way home. It was just so sad to see it bouncing along and then so quickly, it was over! The poor little kitten not only was homeless and blind, then had to loose the remaining eight lives it had! I just prayed that she didn't suffer too much. I am sure she is in a better place along with all of our other pets we have lost through the years.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Camping 2007

We arrived home from our three night stay at St. Ignace State Park in the Upper Peninsula. A good time was had by all!
After crossing the Mackinac Bridge in HIGH winds driving only 30 mph, we found our way to the campground. Our little cabin-in-the-woods was great. There were two sets of bunks with a small dresser, table and four chairs. Plenty of room for all our camping supplies. The boys got busy unpacking the van. They unhooked all three bikes and each to responsibility for a task. John put together the frame for our kitchen awning and Brian put together our new folding camp table.
That afternoon John and Brian rode their bikes around the campground, exploring the area. I settled in with a book. Later we rode bikes down to Lake Huron. The Mackinac Bridge is so impressive!
All the area attractions were a MUST. We visited "Mystery Spot" where John walked up a wall! They also had fun finding their way through a 'maize' and playing a round of miniature golf. They talked me into climbing "Castle Rock", all 170 steps UP and back DOWN!
It was pretty windy but they insisted they wanted to swim. So we drove to the sand dunes along Lake Michigan where the waves were 4 - 6 feet high. They had a wonderful time jumping the waves and basically FREEZING in the water. After some fun in the sand, building sand castles and sculptures, we headed back to camp.
On Wed. we headed to Mackinaw Island. We rode bikes all over the island, played a round of miniature golf on real greens at a snazzy resort and learned to avoid driving through piles left behind by the horses. (There are NO MOTOR VEHICLES allowed.) I learned to change the bike gears and ride up hill after hill, since that is the only way to see anything. I know I got my work-out while seeing the Fort, the Governors Home on the island, riding the bike path through the woods to Arch Rock and seeing the famous Grand Hotel (location for filming "Somewhere In Time" w/ Christopher Reeves). While John went Horseback riding for the first time, Brian and I explored the shops, library and historic homes. It was a great time with perfect weather!
Each year I wonder if it will be our last trip, with the boys getting older. Will they still want to camp with Nana? I am always so thrilled when they talk of the next trip. Planning and deciding where to go. They have already checked out the available cabins at the state parks. Next years they want to visit southwest Michigan. However many camping trips we take together, I will always treasure each one, being able to spend the time with my grandsons and learning from them as much as I hope they are learning from me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ready for the ROAD!

Well, the van is loaded. Camping trip #5 with my wonderful grandsons! I hope that I remembered everything. If not, we will do without or go shopping! This year I am doing a project that I hope the boys will like. I lifted the idea from a family mag. I created a travel scavenger hunt. There are clues and questions about the different places we will visit and see. Like - " a steel structure that connects the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan"= The Mackinaw Bridge; a horse; swimming in a Great Lake; a very long clue that tells them we will be crossing the 45Th parallel ( I plan to stop so they can get that photo). Anyway, I bought each of them a disposable camera and they can take photos of the scavenger hunt finds PLUS any other photos. When we come back, they can put them in a mini "paper-bag" album. I do have the supplies packed to make them, if we have some inclement weather.
The forecast looks pretty good. Hot and sunny, maybe a thunder shower, that we could definitely use! So I tossed in the rain ponchos.
Planning to spend a day at Mackinaw Island. A very unique place, no motor vehicles aloud! Transportation is by foot, bike or horseback! I hope to get the boys to go horseback riding on the island. I am sure they will have me riding a bike!
Each year we visit a different state park. This time we are venturing north of the bridge to the Upper Peninsula. Camping just below the Mackinaw Bridge along the edge of Lake Huron. I am sure I will come back with stories of our adventures!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Pool Is Open!

Another beautiful day. Sunny and 90 degrees! Grandsons played golf with Pappa then came over to swim. They were excited to be the FIRST ONES of the year! They jumped right in and enjoyed cooling off! It is so amazing how they overcome their fears as they grow. It seems that only a few years ago, we were putting on arm floats and they were clinging to us and the sides of the pool. Now they jump right in and swim like fish! We are glad that there is another generation to enjoy the 'fun in the sun'. I like that it is pure fun, no electric gadget, no computer involved, just pure clean imaginative fun!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Layout of youngest grandson

This is a layout I did of my youngest grandson and his reaction to finding his family waiting for him.

This photo was taken at Bishop Airport in Flint, after returning from a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Tya asked me to watch Brian while they traveled to Sault Saint Marie for a Hockey Tournament that John was playing in. Because they were staying at a casino hotel, Brian would be limited to being in the room unless accompanied by an adult. She knew he would be bored. I agreed to keep him and told her that we would do something 'fun'. I realized that I had passes to Disney and enough frequent flyer miles for a free ticket. SOOOOOO, I booked us a stay at Disney World. We left a couple days after Brian's 7th Birthday and had a great time. When we returned to Flint, Brian was not aware that his family would be at the airport to greet us. When he saw them, it was not his mom OR his dad that he went to. He went straight to his brother John and said 'My buddy!" and began to cry. Well, needless to say there were very few dry eyes that were watching. Strangers were touched with the scene and shed a tear or two as well. And of course I dropped my bags and grabbed my camera to capture the moment through my tears.

Beautiful Sunny Summer Days

Today is another pretty day of sun. The sky is so clear and the temps are in the high 70's. It could stay like this all summer. Perfect day to work in the garden, sit on the porch swing with a glass of iced tea and enjoy the sounds of summer - Birds singing, neighbor kids playing, people out enjoying the sun. The smells are so unique during the summer months - sweet flowers in bloom, fresh mowed lawns, b.b.q. grills cooking, and the air. There is something new and clean about summer air, even in the city! The sights of summer - kids playing outside, riding their bikes; 0flowers in bloom, birds playing tag from branch to branch, then snacking at the birdfeeders and off to play in the bird bath; neighbors taking walks and working in their yards and gardens.
Only two more days at work and I can enjoy my quiet mornings on the porch swing as I plan my daily activities and "to do's"! I look forward to tending to my flower beds. I hope to accomplish some sorting and purging of items that I no longer need or want!
But most of all I look forward to spending time with my Mom (age88). She returns from Floriday today, for a very short 3 month stay in Michgian! We have some fun times planned while she is home.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hello All

O.K. dd reminded me that I am way behind on my blog. I have been busy with end-of-the-year activities at work. Helped to hold a retirement party this past Monday. The irony is that I am replacing the gal that is retiring. I seem to do that at each building. Some of my co-workers are referring to me as the "retirement replacement".
Since I will be heading off to camp with my grandsons in a couple weeks, I have been trying to walk on the tread-mill, daily. Well, o.k. every couple of days. Did get my heart rate to where I am suppose to burn some of those callories. I just don't want to get killed trying to ride a bike around Machinaw Island! So I am hoping this will help get me in some sort of shape, beside round!
On Tuesday I drove my bf to the airport to pick up her ds and his gf. They are chefs that work for catering companies throughout the country. They spent the past ten day in Charleston, SC working the LPGA. They had a great time and it was quite the learning experience for a couple in their 20's on their first long distance assignment.
Been trying to wrap things up at work. This time of year we are cleaning, packing and purging. Plus I have been getting things ready to move to my new location next school year. I am pretty excited and nervous. I know it will be a challenge, as they always are, but I believe I am up for it. My boss it very happy that I agreed to make the change.
MY GARDEN....I have been trying to get a little time in there each day. I have seven perennial flower beds plus I always plant annuals in pots, old chairs, old boots....whatever I can find. I have a very hard time passing a garden center without stopping and looking and buying. It is so great when I pull into the drive and see the beauty and it also gives me some joy to think that I had a tiny bit to do with it! I rely on my Lord to bring the beauty out of what I plant. I add a little fertilizer, water, and tlc....then leave the rest up to God. He is so dependable!
Tonight I have the pleasure of being one of the photographers for my oldest grandson's 8Th grade dance. My bf and I were recruited to take snap shots when the kids arrive at the dance. My dd called to tell me that my gs (age 13) has a DATE for this dance. So of course I will be sure to get some extra shots!
I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. Nothing pressing on the schedule. I may get some gardening done. I must get some laundry done. I should do some sorting. I would LOVE to just scrapbook. I know I better get my feet on that tread-mill!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Photos from MS Crop

My niece Kelly with my daughter Tya.

Kathy and her family after we gave her a memory book from some of the participants at the crop.

Our group photo of most all who attended the First Annual crop for MS.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scrapbookers to BEAT MS

We just finished another fundraiser. This was our first event to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. We limited this scrapbook event to 70 participants. It was a fun filled day with fabulous food, loads of laughter and tons of tears. We always get to see old friends and meet new ones. My best friend Kathy, has been stricken with Multiple Sclerosis for over 10 years (diagnosed) It took over seven years to get the diagnosis.
We were able to raise over $3,250! Not bad for our first MS Fundraiser. I hope to get my dd to help me post photos! I am still pretty computer challenged!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I just returned from CKU-Detroit! Had a great time with dd and bf staying at Dearborn Hyatt. Great classes....WOW did we learn! So much info, inspiration and ideas packed in the three day event. Although I have attended CKU in Provo, Utah and Nashville, Tennesee, this event offered a different format.

Thurs. we were able to create 6 X 6 pages for our "My Favorite Things" album at the Product Demonstrations. The album was included in our student goodie bag! That evening we attended the Tailgate Party where we received several more goodies, including a laminating/cutting tool from Purple Cow. Oh, yes, and we had LOTS of FREE ice cream from Skinny Cow!
Friday - classes all morning and afternoon. Was able to begin an fun chip-board album to hold my 'goals'. Completed a cute circle album that looks like "Mickey Mouse" in the Real Magic class that was sponsored by Reminisce! Also created an accordion fold mini book with a 'spinner' on the cover that was sponsored by Imagination. (now I know what to do with all those spinners that we have from old board games!) Cropper Hopper inspired us to Get Organized!

Friday evening we attended the Study Hall Crop. Each of us were able to get photos organized for our Album Track on Saturday. Also did work on other projects.

Saturday was an all day Album Track with Becky Higgins from CK. She was so great. We enjoyed creating a COMPLETE 22 page album in 8 hours! Well almost! Still need to add some journaling and a few photos. But it was great to create "a Snapshot" of me right now - 2007! Becky encouraged us to be sure to right down our thoughts and info to leave for our family and future generations.

Saturday evening my dd and I were able to stay and crop and spend some quiet time together. It was very special for me to be able to share this time doing something together that we both enjoy. I hope making fond memories for her as well as for me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Only one more day to prepare for CKU! I am looking forward to this event. The format is quite different from ones I attended in past years. We actually will be making a complete album. It HAS been a bit stressful preparing photos, and I don't have ALL the ones they ask for, but I am sure it will be fun to put it all together. I will have to fill in the empty holes at a later date.

DISNEY - I am taking a "Magical Moments"? hopefully I will get at least one page done from the trip I took two years ago with y grandson! I have tried, unsuccessfully, several times to finish scrap booking that trip. Maybe this will give me the inspiration I need.

Friday, April 13, 2007

CKU - Detroit

Creating Keepsake University - Dearborn. I am looking forward to some new ideas and fun times with dd and friends. This event has a different format than previous ones I have attended. We will be making a whole album in one day. Of course there was a very long syllabus that we had to do prior to going. I have been scouring for photos that are needed for this class. It has given me a chance to 'clean' a bit. o.k. a very tiny little bit. I did get some sorting and purging done. But of course, I then found other projects that I would like to work on. Am trying to focus! Finish up one project before starting another.

Back to CKU...We are taking five classes on Friday and the Album class on Saturday. Classes on Friday include Designer Details; One week, One month, One year; Real Magic; Technique crazy; and Mad for Brads. I am hoping that I can learn some great tips and ideas from the Designer Details class. Technique crazy, I believe should give me some ideas to use with my Stampin' Up! business and the Real Magic class may give me a page or two for a trip to Disney that I took over two years ago!

I am sure that we will have a great time and take lots of pictures so we will have another pile to scrapbook! A scrapbookers projects are NEVER done! As long as there are photos and ideas, there are projects to complete!

Hello to All

...who may read this! I have been out of touch with the blogging world. Had some trouble logging in and finally was able to figure out my problem. Too many buttons and moving parts, as my ds would tell you. I am not the most computer savy person who has touched a keyboard. Being a 'left brainer' I just want it to work when I turn it on and do what I want it to do! I don't want to have to think about it! But now I could find a very creative thing to do with the darm thing!

WOW almost two months since my last entry. I am sure many things have been going on here on my little speck of the universe. Working, scrap booking, stamping, repeat - repeat - repeat! I did get one of my gardens cleaned, only because we were blessed with ONE day that I was able to get out there during our Spring? break.

Spring break brings to my mind, sunshine, warmer days, green grass, flowers popping up, being outside in the yard! BUT here in Michigan that term 'Spring Break' can mean something totally different. Mother nature has reminded us this year that Yes, she is still in charge! We have has snow, rain, cold winds, a smidgen of sunshine, more snow, more rain, more cold winds. Just to break up the monotony, today she surprises us with a beautiful morning of sunshine. I can here the birds singing outside, BUT my furnace is still running so that does give me the clue that it may be a bit chilly outside my door! I guess that is o.k. because the sky is so blue today and the sun sure is nice!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Scrappin' and Stampin'

What a full week-end! Went north to Houghton Lake on Thursday afternoon. Held a "Stamp-A-Stack" workshop at Higgins Lake with my sister-en-law Steph. Had a great time, teaching and meeting the ladies who attended. Several of the ladies know my mother who attends church with them. It was so nice to hear them share how much they think of my mom, who is 87 and still gets around pretty darn good! She is a true 'lady' in every sense.

Returned to Houghton Lake to Scrapbook the remainder of the week-end with my nieces and friends. We had a great time just snack, scrappin' and yackin'! I did complete about 14 pages and was able to mount three sets of stamps. I had a trip to CKU (Creating Keepsakes University) that we took in March of 2004. My DD, friend and I are registered for another CKU this April in Dearborn. I figured I should complete the previous event before I attended this one. It is so amazing how much you can accomplish with a bit of POTIVATION! Simple pages, but they are complete.

Tomorrow is the final day of our Mid-Winter Break. I hope to sleep late and finish my long list of tasks I always seem to create for myself.

Monday, February 5, 2007


Yahoo, no school today. Technically a "snow day" yet we only have a few inches of snow. BUT the wind chill is well below zero. Tomorrow morning the prediction is a wind chill of -20 . A bit nippy for standing and waiting for a bus.
Today was fun, I picked up my two grandsons and took them out to lunch then to the show. We saw "Pursuit of Happyness". Will Smith and his son did a great job in the movie. Good show inspired from a true story. Definitely a 'must buy' when released on DVD.

So another day off tomorrow. Hmmmm, guess I can stay up late, play with my card-making. Create a scrapbook page. That will be my goal tonight. To complete at least a couple scrapbook pages. Then I am sure I can find some scrapbooking or paper crafting I will want to do tomorrow. And my new Paper Crafts mag. arrived today. Yahoo!

Of course I really should catch up on my reading. Our pastor has challenged us to read the bible this year. We have a guide sheet that helps us keep on track. If we follow it, we can finish reading the bible in one year. Well, I am a few chapters behind. Had a hard time getting through Job. Started on Exodus last night. More familiar with that book, and it seems to be a quicker read.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Wacky Week-end

Had a full day of activities. Started off working, YES working on Saturday. The High School where I work held a fundraiser for their Alumni sponsored Scholarship fund. A Pancake Breakfast. I was at work by 8 a.m. The breakfast went well for their first attempt. It was fun listening to all their reminiscing of 'the good ol days'.

Followed the breakfast with a Stampin' Up! all occasion card class. It is always a lot of work creating the samples, then I write detailed instructions of each project and try to include a photo or drawing of each. Today we had six ladies attend. Some new gals to stamping and card making, some experienced. It was great fun teaching them new techniques and sharing ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy the creating and teaching aspect of the business. It is rewarding and never seems much like w-o-r-k!

Sorry I had to miss my joungest grandsons hockey game. He was on the ice while I was serving pancakes, sausage and coffee! He did a great job in the net. They won their game and I am told he had some awesome saves!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to attending a "cousins lunch". There are four of us cousins who only seems to get together at the funeral homes. Decided we would recolate our gathering place to a resteraunt! It will be great to be able to sit and yack and catch up on family news! All our kids have grown and flown the coop, yet we still seem to be so busy all the time it is hard to get together. Should be fun. Of course I'll get photos to add to my scrapbooks!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Madness

O.K., another week-end gone. Oh Monday, Monday. I know there's a song there somewhere, but I'll stick with my 'day job'. Speaking of... I believe this will be a hectic week. One of my employees goes on sick leave on Wednesday, for 6-8 weeks. Another employee is working out of another department, driving truck. So that means shuffling every ones schedules and duties. Hoping for a good substitute worker. I learned a long time ago that the clock will tick with or without enough help. I also use a a LOT of prayer. From serving breakfast at 7:15 to that first lunch hour and keep on praying till that last (fifth) lunch hour is over!

Busy this week getting ready for 'stamp-a-stack' on Saturday, for my Stampin' Up business. I love creating the cards, pages and projects. There are so many great ideas out there, I just want to do them all. But I always run out of time. Like now, I should be up in my little creative corner working on packets for the workshop, or in bed since 4:30 a.m. will be here before I know it. But someone told me that I am suppose to write on this blog daily. Well, I really don't think my life is all THAT exciting. But it is a great place to ramble.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Winter Wonderland Crop

I just returned from a wonderful day of relaxing stamping and scrapbooking with friends. Kathy and I spent the day at "The HideAway" in Lapeer, with our hostess and friend, Jan Jacob. It was cozy and productive. I completed ONE page, my goal for the day. (Must not set goals so high that they are unreachable!) I also was able to finish creating several projects for upcoming Stampin' Up workshops and classes.
It was so nice to visit with friends we do not get to see so often, Edie and Gayle are so nice and I really enjoy visiting with them. And Barb is sort of our Big Sister. Kinda the mother hen to us all. Of course we enjoy looking after her as well. And Jan, our hostess with the mostess! Served up some great chili to warm us up at lunch. The wonderful baked chicken for dinner followed by warm pineapple upside down cake? What could be better on a snowy January day? Good food, great conversation, creative suggestions and wonderful friends.
Thank you gals for blessing me today with your friendship!

CKU - Detroit

Well it's back to school for me. Tya and Kathy too! We all are registered for CKU - Detroit. Three days of Creating Keepsake University! We have attended two others, one in Provo, Utah and then Nashville, Tennessee.
This one is quite different. Their format has changed. Seems to be a lot of HOMEWORK! and we haven't even arrived on campus. For one class that is all day, we must come prepared with over 50 photos. There are several topics and sizes we are to have for each photo or group of photos. The class is "A Snapshot of Me".
Looks like a lot of prep work ahead. I sure hope my darling daughter (Tya) can help her ol' mom out! I will need one of those books 'for dummies' and photo-editing software.
Well, the other classes I was able to sign up for should be helpful. I could use some new inspiration and ideas. There is so much out there to learn and try when it comes to preserving photos, making cards and doing paper projects.
The time spent as CKU is always hectic and exhausting, but always FUN! I am really looking forward to spending the time with two of my favorite people, Tya and Kathy!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let's Go Camping?

It is NEVER too early to plan a camping trip with my grandsons. Each year we venture out to one of Michigan's great State Parks. A different park each year. We pitch a tent, YES a TENT and I sleep on the ground for three nights with my grandsons, John and Brian. We have been doing this now since they were ages 8 and 4. So this will be our Fifth annual Camping Trip.

The first year we went to "Sleeper State" park, located in the thumb. In 2004 we visited Higgins Lake South State Park. That was fun because my mom lives there and also my brother, Ed and his wife Steph. That year John scraped his foot while bike riding. We ended up at the emergency clinic, he had infection that was quite serious. The odd thing was, his foot was only scraped, the skin was not cut open.

2005 we traveled to the west side of the state to Luddington. What a beautiful park! Great Sandy beaches, dunes, board-walk trails though the woods, river fishing, and the light house. We were able to ride our bikes the two miles up the sandy road, then climb over 100 stairs to the top of the light house. We were then rewarded with an awesome view of Lake Michigan.

Last summer we again traveled over to Lake Michigan. This time we stayed at Muskegon State Park. One day we spent exploring area sites, and visited a WWII war ship. The boys had fun climbing through the many corridors, sleeping quarters, dining area, storage rooms, even the engine room. Michigan Adventure was a fun day although it rained off and on all day. Upon returning to the camp ground we found our tent 'under water' even though it was on the slope of a hill. So we ended our trip with a night at the local "Holiday Inn". To add to the adventure, they overbooked the rooms. They gave us a King Size Jacuzzi Suite.....the boys thought THAT was pretty sweet!

For our 2007 camping trip, John and Brian asked to go to the Upper Peninsula. We have booked our trip at the Straits State Park in St. Ignace, just across the Mackinaw Bridge. From now until June, the boys and I will plan some side-trips and activities for our annual camping trip. I am sure, one of them will be to Mackinaw Island.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Scrapbookers Against Breast Cancer

Saturaday, Jan. 20 we held our Fifth Annual Scrapbookers Against Breast Cancer Event. What a wonderful day. We had over 100 participate in the 12 hour crop. There were nine vendors offering a great variety of products.
The family of Susan Lane Boivin began with the first crop in 2002. We were able to raise $1,100 with 35 scrapbookers attending. Over the years we have grown. We have over 200 on our contact list. This year we raised over $5,000. All money raised has been sent to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

I hope to have the photos printed soon. Then on to another adventure for me, posting the photo on my blog. I am so 'out of my box'. Plan on getting some help from my friends, like darling daughter Tya and great friend Carol? H E L P !!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Welcome to my blog. I believe this will be a great way for me to keep family and friends up to date on "Nana" happenings. This media is quite knew to me so I will learn as I go. I hope to learn how to post photos and favorite links to this site.

So join me as I learn about the world of cyber-space.