Friday, September 19, 2008

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

O.K. so I have not been around for a while......a looooooong while. Just can't seem to find the time to learn this blog thing and keep up with it. I did find this fun thing tonight and thought I would try to upload and to my complete surprise, I DID IT. And I did not even have to call my support line, aka Tya, my dd. She always is there to help me out with my technical problems. Actually she is always there for whatever I need. She is the best daughter and friend.

So go and see what flower YOU ARE.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Some days I wonder how I have time to fit a 40 hour work week in my schedule. These couple weeks that I have off work are packed pretty full.
Yesterday, I drove my friend down-state and we did some shopping at a great wholesale store. During the evening we went to her nieces to help with a quick? project. Well let's just say that we left about 9:30 and they were just getting the cute little project put together, but they were going to have to do that another 119 times! They are very cute, a little fabric doll with thread-hair, button head and thin corded arms and legs. They are for our Scrapbooking event in January. Good thing we got an early start.
Today, we traveled on down to Detroit to go to Harper Medical Center so my girlfriend could get an MRI. Her neurologist is at the Detroit Medical Center and so it is best to have those tests there. I was able to work on some cute "flower-pens" for our crop and finished almost half of them!
Drove home heading into a bit of winter. Yes SNOW! There is a warming for parts of the state, we are suppose to get a few inches, 2-4-6-8", depends on which weather report you hear. Sounds like perfect weather for crafting to me! So I guess I will do just that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let's Go Shopping!

NOT! This day runs a close second for me, as one that I would NOT like to shop. Right behind "black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving. I would love to get in on some of those great deals, but not that bad. I can wait and if there is something out there I really must have, it will still be there in a couple days and maybe at a lower % that today!
So sorry for those of you who had to return to work today. I am still in my Jammie's and sipping on my coffee. But I have been slowly working of my craft studio. It was such a huge disaster. I am trying once again to get it sorted, cleaned and organized. If I only had a little more space. I would definitely fill it with more stuff. My goal it to get ahead on some of my Stampin' Up projects and classes that I have coming up. Next week is the "New Year Open House" with the new catalog! I have a fun project to share with the ladies for that day. Then in February I am attending a local crop and will need a project for that day. I also hope to get some card kits ready to sell. I also need to go into the office this week and catch up on paper-work and reports, yuk!
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and that our Lord remains in your heart throughout the new year. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope all are having a blessed Christmas Day!

Enjoy your family, friends, and freedom.

God Bless You All!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

It' The Holiday Season and.....

...the calendar is filling, the shopping has begun, the lists are growing.
Awoke to a blanket of wet, sticky snow this morning. Managed to make it to church, a bit late, but I did make it. Very few in attendance, I am sure because of the weather. But I was able to get the "wish lists" for families we will be "Gifting" this year.
Headed out to do a little shopping, and ended up going to Big Lots, a great place for bargains. Headed to a dollar store, but was deterred by the Michael's on my way. Quick stop there and picked up a couple items. The dollar store had exactly what I needed for our "shut-in" baskets, warm fuzzy slipper socks. After leaving the dollar store, I drove to my most favorite grocery store in the area, V.G.'s. Needed only a couple items but of course filled a small cart. I stopped to drop off my friend and realized she needed her shot (she has Multiple Sclerosis and I give her her shots every other day). So we did the shot thing and ate some lunch. I finally made it home around 3:30 pm. I left home at 9 am for church!
Sad thing happened this morning. My son called to tell me that their new puppy, died this morning. It was so sad. My poor son was sooooo upset. The puppy was only a few weeks old. He had gone outside last night. When they went to let him in the house, he had blood coming out of his mouth. Immediately he was taken to the after-hours emergency clinic. Apparently the puppy had bruised lungs? I never heard of such a thing. But the little guy died this morning. The really sad thing is that they just had a dog put to sleep in October, who had some rare kidney disease. They had gone and bought this puppy the day they had the first one put to sleep. I feel so bad for both of them. They do still have another dog, but my heart just breaks for them.

Brighter topic: I unpacked some of my Christmas Decorations. Opened up the attic to get out some of the decorations and just sat there looking at all the totes and boxes. So many to go through. What theme do I use this year on my small skinny tree? I don't do the big fancy trees anymore. Not enough energy. I should hire someone to come in and decorate, I love all the festive seasonal stuff setting out, but I don't have the energy any more to do it all. Well, the snowman box was closest, and I already had a snowman-sleigh setting in the living room. So Snowman theme it is this year. I did get out a few things for my office at work.
Finished addressing most of my Christmas Cards. I am shocking all my family and friends this year and actually sending out cards. Realized that I do sell the product to make cards I should send some out! Creating them and making them are so therapeutic for me.

So my dd has put out a challenge to post on her blog every day the month of December. Gosh I have a hard time posting each MONTH! But I just may try this challenge.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blessing to All!

What a nice day and such wonderful Blessings. We are truly lucky to live in such a great country. It is so great to know that we have the freedom to celebrate and be thankful for all that we have.
Today we woke to a great blanket of fresh white snow. Looked like Christmas, but was a pleasant surprise for Thanksgiving morning. The first snow always brings such a big smile to my face. I don't know if it because of the beauty or the fond memories of my youth, or a combination of both. I am always in a wonder of the beauty of the fresh white snow sticking to the leaves and branches of the trees. Even my genraniums that have been surviving the colder nights looked so pretty with their pink and red color peeking out from under their white blankets.
I pray that all of you have enjoyed the blessings we are so lucky to have.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Fall

Hello one and all. I know it has been sooooooooooooo long since I have updated. Been busy working, stamping, crafting, and hockey watching. It is that time of year.

Let's see, what's been happening? I don't even know if anyone ever reads this thing. But it is a good outlet.
September of course was the beginning of another school year. I have transferred to Southwestern Academy. A much nicer facility that is MUCH closer to home. I had fun over the summer setting up and redecorating my office. It has been a pretty good beginning. There have been some adjustments to new students and staff. We are all learning and growing. And I hope to better serve the students and staff of the building.

October our family had it's first ever all-included family Thanksgiving dinner. Yes in October. It was planned to share the day with my mom who is now 88 and was getting ready leave for Florida. We had a rough couple months with her health and now she seems to be doing GREAT for 88! So we had 29 of us to spend the day with her and enjoy each other! What fun it was sharing family happenings and reminiscing of all the "remember when's!"

Now we are into November already and plans are in the works for all the holiday happenings.
Have kept busy with my Stampin Up business. I attended the annual meeting of the Michigan Chapter for Multiple Sclerosis last Saturday. We were able to hear David Landers (aka Squiggy of "Laverne and Shirley"). He also suffers from M.S. He gave each of us an audio copy of his book "Falling Down Laughing". My friend Kathy and I were presented with a plaque for the donation we gave from the Scrapbooker Against M.S. event we held this past May.

Also planning our annual event of Scrapbookers Against Breast Cancer. January 2008 will be our 6th. event. We were very successful last year in raising $5,000. Our mailing list has grown to over 200 people, but we can only take 120 participants. I need to get busy on donations. We always try to get all our food and prizes donated. This way all money raised goes directly to the Susan Koeman Breast Cancer Foundation.

Well it is definitely Fall. Most of the leaves are on the ground and waiting to get recycled into mulch. I have my garden ornaments stored for the Winter and my geraniums tucked in the fruit cellar, hoping they will come alive again next Spring. My darling oldest grandson is covering yard items and raking leaves. The end of another season and on to WINTER in MICHIGAN!