Friday, June 29, 2007

Simple Joys

It doesn't take much to make a Nana happy. A sunset, a sunrise, flowers in a garden, the new Stampin' Up Fall / Winter collection! Yahoo! They are here! (for those who don't know, it is a catalog chuck full of great stamping and scrapbooking supplies!) I have been waiting for my new caty's to be delivered. They arrived sometime late Wed., I did not see them on the porch. Found them on Thurs. am. Oh, Happy Day's! It is so beautiful. So I have been busy dreaming of all the wonderful things I want to get. It is amazing how a simple catalog can inspire such ideas! Well, I can't really call it simple, because it is far from that. Almost 200 pages of wonderful projects to copy! But I will have to wait until Sunday to place an order! In the meantime I will anguish over what to order or in reality, what I can AFFORD to order!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sad Ending

Do you ever have one of those day's that seem to be moving along as usual, thinking you are accomplishing so much, feeling pretty good about the day's events and in a split second.....something happens to change all that? That was my day today. I went with a friend to her Dr. appointment, created some very cute cards for my upcoming Stampin' Up! open house, did a little gardening. All was fine. Then I stopped over to my friends to show her this cute project I just completed. As I was headed home (only 8-10 blocks), I was driving along through the subdivision and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye a tiny kitten comes running into the road. I swerved and quickly looked in my mirror, and there she laid struggling to get up! She was so tiny, I never heard her hit the tire or feel the impact. I backed up and took one look and pretty much lost it! I went to one house and knocked and no one answered. I noticed at the house next door there were cats on the porch. So I went and knocked. I asked the lady if she had any kittens. She told me there were strays, that she fed. When I told her what happened I really started to cry. I felt so bad for the poor little thing. She assured me that it wasn't my fault, the kitten was blind...well that did not really make me feel any better, but the nice lady said that she and her husband would take care of it. I apologized and cried my way home. It was just so sad to see it bouncing along and then so quickly, it was over! The poor little kitten not only was homeless and blind, then had to loose the remaining eight lives it had! I just prayed that she didn't suffer too much. I am sure she is in a better place along with all of our other pets we have lost through the years.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Camping 2007

We arrived home from our three night stay at St. Ignace State Park in the Upper Peninsula. A good time was had by all!
After crossing the Mackinac Bridge in HIGH winds driving only 30 mph, we found our way to the campground. Our little cabin-in-the-woods was great. There were two sets of bunks with a small dresser, table and four chairs. Plenty of room for all our camping supplies. The boys got busy unpacking the van. They unhooked all three bikes and each to responsibility for a task. John put together the frame for our kitchen awning and Brian put together our new folding camp table.
That afternoon John and Brian rode their bikes around the campground, exploring the area. I settled in with a book. Later we rode bikes down to Lake Huron. The Mackinac Bridge is so impressive!
All the area attractions were a MUST. We visited "Mystery Spot" where John walked up a wall! They also had fun finding their way through a 'maize' and playing a round of miniature golf. They talked me into climbing "Castle Rock", all 170 steps UP and back DOWN!
It was pretty windy but they insisted they wanted to swim. So we drove to the sand dunes along Lake Michigan where the waves were 4 - 6 feet high. They had a wonderful time jumping the waves and basically FREEZING in the water. After some fun in the sand, building sand castles and sculptures, we headed back to camp.
On Wed. we headed to Mackinaw Island. We rode bikes all over the island, played a round of miniature golf on real greens at a snazzy resort and learned to avoid driving through piles left behind by the horses. (There are NO MOTOR VEHICLES allowed.) I learned to change the bike gears and ride up hill after hill, since that is the only way to see anything. I know I got my work-out while seeing the Fort, the Governors Home on the island, riding the bike path through the woods to Arch Rock and seeing the famous Grand Hotel (location for filming "Somewhere In Time" w/ Christopher Reeves). While John went Horseback riding for the first time, Brian and I explored the shops, library and historic homes. It was a great time with perfect weather!
Each year I wonder if it will be our last trip, with the boys getting older. Will they still want to camp with Nana? I am always so thrilled when they talk of the next trip. Planning and deciding where to go. They have already checked out the available cabins at the state parks. Next years they want to visit southwest Michigan. However many camping trips we take together, I will always treasure each one, being able to spend the time with my grandsons and learning from them as much as I hope they are learning from me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ready for the ROAD!

Well, the van is loaded. Camping trip #5 with my wonderful grandsons! I hope that I remembered everything. If not, we will do without or go shopping! This year I am doing a project that I hope the boys will like. I lifted the idea from a family mag. I created a travel scavenger hunt. There are clues and questions about the different places we will visit and see. Like - " a steel structure that connects the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan"= The Mackinaw Bridge; a horse; swimming in a Great Lake; a very long clue that tells them we will be crossing the 45Th parallel ( I plan to stop so they can get that photo). Anyway, I bought each of them a disposable camera and they can take photos of the scavenger hunt finds PLUS any other photos. When we come back, they can put them in a mini "paper-bag" album. I do have the supplies packed to make them, if we have some inclement weather.
The forecast looks pretty good. Hot and sunny, maybe a thunder shower, that we could definitely use! So I tossed in the rain ponchos.
Planning to spend a day at Mackinaw Island. A very unique place, no motor vehicles aloud! Transportation is by foot, bike or horseback! I hope to get the boys to go horseback riding on the island. I am sure they will have me riding a bike!
Each year we visit a different state park. This time we are venturing north of the bridge to the Upper Peninsula. Camping just below the Mackinaw Bridge along the edge of Lake Huron. I am sure I will come back with stories of our adventures!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Pool Is Open!

Another beautiful day. Sunny and 90 degrees! Grandsons played golf with Pappa then came over to swim. They were excited to be the FIRST ONES of the year! They jumped right in and enjoyed cooling off! It is so amazing how they overcome their fears as they grow. It seems that only a few years ago, we were putting on arm floats and they were clinging to us and the sides of the pool. Now they jump right in and swim like fish! We are glad that there is another generation to enjoy the 'fun in the sun'. I like that it is pure fun, no electric gadget, no computer involved, just pure clean imaginative fun!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Layout of youngest grandson

This is a layout I did of my youngest grandson and his reaction to finding his family waiting for him.

This photo was taken at Bishop Airport in Flint, after returning from a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Tya asked me to watch Brian while they traveled to Sault Saint Marie for a Hockey Tournament that John was playing in. Because they were staying at a casino hotel, Brian would be limited to being in the room unless accompanied by an adult. She knew he would be bored. I agreed to keep him and told her that we would do something 'fun'. I realized that I had passes to Disney and enough frequent flyer miles for a free ticket. SOOOOOO, I booked us a stay at Disney World. We left a couple days after Brian's 7th Birthday and had a great time. When we returned to Flint, Brian was not aware that his family would be at the airport to greet us. When he saw them, it was not his mom OR his dad that he went to. He went straight to his brother John and said 'My buddy!" and began to cry. Well, needless to say there were very few dry eyes that were watching. Strangers were touched with the scene and shed a tear or two as well. And of course I dropped my bags and grabbed my camera to capture the moment through my tears.

Beautiful Sunny Summer Days

Today is another pretty day of sun. The sky is so clear and the temps are in the high 70's. It could stay like this all summer. Perfect day to work in the garden, sit on the porch swing with a glass of iced tea and enjoy the sounds of summer - Birds singing, neighbor kids playing, people out enjoying the sun. The smells are so unique during the summer months - sweet flowers in bloom, fresh mowed lawns, b.b.q. grills cooking, and the air. There is something new and clean about summer air, even in the city! The sights of summer - kids playing outside, riding their bikes; 0flowers in bloom, birds playing tag from branch to branch, then snacking at the birdfeeders and off to play in the bird bath; neighbors taking walks and working in their yards and gardens.
Only two more days at work and I can enjoy my quiet mornings on the porch swing as I plan my daily activities and "to do's"! I look forward to tending to my flower beds. I hope to accomplish some sorting and purging of items that I no longer need or want!
But most of all I look forward to spending time with my Mom (age88). She returns from Floriday today, for a very short 3 month stay in Michgian! We have some fun times planned while she is home.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hello All

O.K. dd reminded me that I am way behind on my blog. I have been busy with end-of-the-year activities at work. Helped to hold a retirement party this past Monday. The irony is that I am replacing the gal that is retiring. I seem to do that at each building. Some of my co-workers are referring to me as the "retirement replacement".
Since I will be heading off to camp with my grandsons in a couple weeks, I have been trying to walk on the tread-mill, daily. Well, o.k. every couple of days. Did get my heart rate to where I am suppose to burn some of those callories. I just don't want to get killed trying to ride a bike around Machinaw Island! So I am hoping this will help get me in some sort of shape, beside round!
On Tuesday I drove my bf to the airport to pick up her ds and his gf. They are chefs that work for catering companies throughout the country. They spent the past ten day in Charleston, SC working the LPGA. They had a great time and it was quite the learning experience for a couple in their 20's on their first long distance assignment.
Been trying to wrap things up at work. This time of year we are cleaning, packing and purging. Plus I have been getting things ready to move to my new location next school year. I am pretty excited and nervous. I know it will be a challenge, as they always are, but I believe I am up for it. My boss it very happy that I agreed to make the change.
MY GARDEN....I have been trying to get a little time in there each day. I have seven perennial flower beds plus I always plant annuals in pots, old chairs, old boots....whatever I can find. I have a very hard time passing a garden center without stopping and looking and buying. It is so great when I pull into the drive and see the beauty and it also gives me some joy to think that I had a tiny bit to do with it! I rely on my Lord to bring the beauty out of what I plant. I add a little fertilizer, water, and tlc....then leave the rest up to God. He is so dependable!
Tonight I have the pleasure of being one of the photographers for my oldest grandson's 8Th grade dance. My bf and I were recruited to take snap shots when the kids arrive at the dance. My dd called to tell me that my gs (age 13) has a DATE for this dance. So of course I will be sure to get some extra shots!
I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. Nothing pressing on the schedule. I may get some gardening done. I must get some laundry done. I should do some sorting. I would LOVE to just scrapbook. I know I better get my feet on that tread-mill!