Sunday, December 2, 2007

It' The Holiday Season and.....

...the calendar is filling, the shopping has begun, the lists are growing.
Awoke to a blanket of wet, sticky snow this morning. Managed to make it to church, a bit late, but I did make it. Very few in attendance, I am sure because of the weather. But I was able to get the "wish lists" for families we will be "Gifting" this year.
Headed out to do a little shopping, and ended up going to Big Lots, a great place for bargains. Headed to a dollar store, but was deterred by the Michael's on my way. Quick stop there and picked up a couple items. The dollar store had exactly what I needed for our "shut-in" baskets, warm fuzzy slipper socks. After leaving the dollar store, I drove to my most favorite grocery store in the area, V.G.'s. Needed only a couple items but of course filled a small cart. I stopped to drop off my friend and realized she needed her shot (she has Multiple Sclerosis and I give her her shots every other day). So we did the shot thing and ate some lunch. I finally made it home around 3:30 pm. I left home at 9 am for church!
Sad thing happened this morning. My son called to tell me that their new puppy, died this morning. It was so sad. My poor son was sooooo upset. The puppy was only a few weeks old. He had gone outside last night. When they went to let him in the house, he had blood coming out of his mouth. Immediately he was taken to the after-hours emergency clinic. Apparently the puppy had bruised lungs? I never heard of such a thing. But the little guy died this morning. The really sad thing is that they just had a dog put to sleep in October, who had some rare kidney disease. They had gone and bought this puppy the day they had the first one put to sleep. I feel so bad for both of them. They do still have another dog, but my heart just breaks for them.

Brighter topic: I unpacked some of my Christmas Decorations. Opened up the attic to get out some of the decorations and just sat there looking at all the totes and boxes. So many to go through. What theme do I use this year on my small skinny tree? I don't do the big fancy trees anymore. Not enough energy. I should hire someone to come in and decorate, I love all the festive seasonal stuff setting out, but I don't have the energy any more to do it all. Well, the snowman box was closest, and I already had a snowman-sleigh setting in the living room. So Snowman theme it is this year. I did get out a few things for my office at work.
Finished addressing most of my Christmas Cards. I am shocking all my family and friends this year and actually sending out cards. Realized that I do sell the product to make cards I should send some out! Creating them and making them are so therapeutic for me.

So my dd has put out a challenge to post on her blog every day the month of December. Gosh I have a hard time posting each MONTH! But I just may try this challenge.


Tya said...

Yeah, VERY SHOCKED! You NEVER send Christmas cards. Can't wait to see what you came up with. :)

connie said...

hey cant wait to see what my christmas card looks like!!!!!!!!!bet its beautiful huh luv ya lots