Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Madness

O.K., another week-end gone. Oh Monday, Monday. I know there's a song there somewhere, but I'll stick with my 'day job'. Speaking of... I believe this will be a hectic week. One of my employees goes on sick leave on Wednesday, for 6-8 weeks. Another employee is working out of another department, driving truck. So that means shuffling every ones schedules and duties. Hoping for a good substitute worker. I learned a long time ago that the clock will tick with or without enough help. I also use a a LOT of prayer. From serving breakfast at 7:15 to that first lunch hour and keep on praying till that last (fifth) lunch hour is over!

Busy this week getting ready for 'stamp-a-stack' on Saturday, for my Stampin' Up business. I love creating the cards, pages and projects. There are so many great ideas out there, I just want to do them all. But I always run out of time. Like now, I should be up in my little creative corner working on packets for the workshop, or in bed since 4:30 a.m. will be here before I know it. But someone told me that I am suppose to write on this blog daily. Well, I really don't think my life is all THAT exciting. But it is a great place to ramble.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Winter Wonderland Crop

I just returned from a wonderful day of relaxing stamping and scrapbooking with friends. Kathy and I spent the day at "The HideAway" in Lapeer, with our hostess and friend, Jan Jacob. It was cozy and productive. I completed ONE page, my goal for the day. (Must not set goals so high that they are unreachable!) I also was able to finish creating several projects for upcoming Stampin' Up workshops and classes.
It was so nice to visit with friends we do not get to see so often, Edie and Gayle are so nice and I really enjoy visiting with them. And Barb is sort of our Big Sister. Kinda the mother hen to us all. Of course we enjoy looking after her as well. And Jan, our hostess with the mostess! Served up some great chili to warm us up at lunch. The wonderful baked chicken for dinner followed by warm pineapple upside down cake? What could be better on a snowy January day? Good food, great conversation, creative suggestions and wonderful friends.
Thank you gals for blessing me today with your friendship!

CKU - Detroit

Well it's back to school for me. Tya and Kathy too! We all are registered for CKU - Detroit. Three days of Creating Keepsake University! We have attended two others, one in Provo, Utah and then Nashville, Tennessee.
This one is quite different. Their format has changed. Seems to be a lot of HOMEWORK! and we haven't even arrived on campus. For one class that is all day, we must come prepared with over 50 photos. There are several topics and sizes we are to have for each photo or group of photos. The class is "A Snapshot of Me".
Looks like a lot of prep work ahead. I sure hope my darling daughter (Tya) can help her ol' mom out! I will need one of those books 'for dummies' and photo-editing software.
Well, the other classes I was able to sign up for should be helpful. I could use some new inspiration and ideas. There is so much out there to learn and try when it comes to preserving photos, making cards and doing paper projects.
The time spent as CKU is always hectic and exhausting, but always FUN! I am really looking forward to spending the time with two of my favorite people, Tya and Kathy!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let's Go Camping?

It is NEVER too early to plan a camping trip with my grandsons. Each year we venture out to one of Michigan's great State Parks. A different park each year. We pitch a tent, YES a TENT and I sleep on the ground for three nights with my grandsons, John and Brian. We have been doing this now since they were ages 8 and 4. So this will be our Fifth annual Camping Trip.

The first year we went to "Sleeper State" park, located in the thumb. In 2004 we visited Higgins Lake South State Park. That was fun because my mom lives there and also my brother, Ed and his wife Steph. That year John scraped his foot while bike riding. We ended up at the emergency clinic, he had infection that was quite serious. The odd thing was, his foot was only scraped, the skin was not cut open.

2005 we traveled to the west side of the state to Luddington. What a beautiful park! Great Sandy beaches, dunes, board-walk trails though the woods, river fishing, and the light house. We were able to ride our bikes the two miles up the sandy road, then climb over 100 stairs to the top of the light house. We were then rewarded with an awesome view of Lake Michigan.

Last summer we again traveled over to Lake Michigan. This time we stayed at Muskegon State Park. One day we spent exploring area sites, and visited a WWII war ship. The boys had fun climbing through the many corridors, sleeping quarters, dining area, storage rooms, even the engine room. Michigan Adventure was a fun day although it rained off and on all day. Upon returning to the camp ground we found our tent 'under water' even though it was on the slope of a hill. So we ended our trip with a night at the local "Holiday Inn". To add to the adventure, they overbooked the rooms. They gave us a King Size Jacuzzi Suite.....the boys thought THAT was pretty sweet!

For our 2007 camping trip, John and Brian asked to go to the Upper Peninsula. We have booked our trip at the Straits State Park in St. Ignace, just across the Mackinaw Bridge. From now until June, the boys and I will plan some side-trips and activities for our annual camping trip. I am sure, one of them will be to Mackinaw Island.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Scrapbookers Against Breast Cancer

Saturaday, Jan. 20 we held our Fifth Annual Scrapbookers Against Breast Cancer Event. What a wonderful day. We had over 100 participate in the 12 hour crop. There were nine vendors offering a great variety of products.
The family of Susan Lane Boivin began with the first crop in 2002. We were able to raise $1,100 with 35 scrapbookers attending. Over the years we have grown. We have over 200 on our contact list. This year we raised over $5,000. All money raised has been sent to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

I hope to have the photos printed soon. Then on to another adventure for me, posting the photo on my blog. I am so 'out of my box'. Plan on getting some help from my friends, like darling daughter Tya and great friend Carol? H E L P !!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Welcome to my blog. I believe this will be a great way for me to keep family and friends up to date on "Nana" happenings. This media is quite knew to me so I will learn as I go. I hope to learn how to post photos and favorite links to this site.

So join me as I learn about the world of cyber-space.